If music be the food of faith, sing on *

Paul - new photoI like music in my life and have sought out every opportunity to sing – my family around the piano on Sunday evenings, church, high school and college chorales, musicals, community sings and Christmas caroling. Music draws me in.

The church gets it right. Music is indispensable in the life of the church. It is an essential part of worship. No other organization I know – book clubs, fraternal or veteran groups, community discussions — gets the members on their feet three, four or even five times in the course of a meeting to sing out together.   Every person at the Sunday meeting has a song book with hundreds of songs to choose from and a piano or organ that accompanies... read more

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God in the most unexpected of places

Stuart DavidsonWho’s got the copyright on this one? That’s not quite what I thought when the idea jumped into my head but it wasn’t all that far away.

It couldn’t happen, it was just mad to think about. For a start who would I write to, they’d think I was crazy. I’d be selling the church literally down the river and people would be thinking that I’m just joining in with the consumerist culture.

However, the other half of me was saying “Jesus always responds to faith” as I was coming up with reasons why I should try after all they can only say no... read more

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Lenten meditation

lentI wonder if we are really getting the most out of the season of Lent, or are we missing an important dimension of the season.  Are we really paying attention to the controversy that God has with his people (The Lord has a controversy with his people and he will contend with Israel. Micah 6: 2b).  Do we, with confidence, look too soon at the resurrection like a child who peeks during hide and seek and thus we by-pass the importance of the Lenten season?  It is important to learn that Jesus was an anathema to many in Israel... read more

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On Sundays

Jo Love“There were 12 of us on Sunday. We’re obviously not doing the right thing at the right time.” A colleague was musing during a working lunch on Tuesday. “And up the road we’ve got 25 kids and 6 adults every week, what a great ‘problem’, but it is hard to get things right…”

“Folk got a shock when the minister actually got us talking to each other in the services. It took time, a long time, to be comfortable with it... read more

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Lord’s Supper

Paul Chapman 2At most formal celebrations of the Lord’s Supper, the celebrant repeats approximately the same words, “Jesus took the bread…Jesus took the cup…”. Interestingly, these indelible words, held in the heart of every regular church member are primarily drawn, not from the Gospels which are the common repository of Jesus’ words, but from the Apostle Paul. While they have played a central role in the life of the church, the words of ‘institution’ as they are generally called, were not themselves of great importance to Paul... read more

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