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Speaking to a few parents that bring their kids to our existing Saturday morning cinema club, we found out that the very active breakfast club at the local primary school wouldn’t be running over the summer holidays. Parents told us that the social aspects of the breakfast club – coming together with friends, eating together, tidying up together, and getting a good start for the day ahead – were as important as the nutritional need that it filled. We spoke to a local charity called CFINE (Community Food Initiatives North East) and they very kindly made breakfast foods available to us free of charge under the FareShare scheme. Mostly cereals – and every variety of cereal that you can imagine – and easy heat cans for a hot breakfast a couple of days a week. Add to this fresh milk, soft drinks, water, fresh fruit, crisps & snacks and a shedload of bite-sized chocolate, and we’re set for the summer!


The summer programme is being run mostly by the same parents – mostly mums but there is one brave dad in the mix with all the girls – that were worried about the loss of the breakfast club over the holidays. A couple were PVG members from other organisations so it wasn’t difficult to get a check done and make sure that we’d both male and female adults with PVG on the rota and enough to run breakfast club seven days a week.


There are other activities taking place over the holidays that will continue afterwards too. Since the start of the school holidays we’ve had more than 500 people through the doors. In a place where we’ve three and four generations of the “unchurched”, where people used to scurry past the front doors just in case someone nipped out and baptised them on the run, many folk have seen the inside of the building for the first time and removed the uncertainty and even fear of the local Kirk!


 Have a look at the summer programme and see what’s being done by getting members of the local community together to fill an obvious need during a time that’s usually both difficult and very expensive for families.

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