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Priorities…. Mosaics

One theme that has come up over and over this past year is the question:  how are we being the church?  Within Scotland, within The States, within this 21st century world, how are we the church?

Our adventure here in Glasgow working in Priority Areas began in September and is coming to a close, but we have learned and laughed so much.

Working on the PA Instagram this past week, I asked church members where they see God at work within us and how we are being the church in the community.  The answers varied.  But, at the root was walking with people.  At the root was the awareness of and embracing of our community, our brothers and sisters.

While the people who make up the church in Possilpark each share their faith and gifts in different ways – from helping to run clubs and activities and visiting people to leading through kirk session and working in our wee flower bed, they each work to share kindness and love with the community around us.  And with this church, this body, working together, we get a glimpse of God’s love for us.  And, it is beautiful.

This quote from Bread for the Journey’ by Henri Nouwen sums it up:

The Mosaic that Shows us the Face of God

“A mosaic consists of thousands of little stones.  Some are blue, some are green, some are yellow, some are gold.  When we bring our faces close to the mosaic, we can admire the beauty of each stone.  But as we step back from it, we can see that all these little stones reveal to us a beautiful picture, telling a story none of these stones can tell by itself.

That is what our life in community is about.  Each of us is like a little stone, but together we reveal the face of God to the world.  Nobody can say, ‘I make God visible.’  But others who see us together can say, ‘They make God visible.’  Community is where humility and glory touch.”

When the four of us began this journey 10 months ago, we were all new to this approach and specific way of being the church within our community.  Through helping out wherever needed and being able to walk beside people through the year, I have gotten to see the beauty of their collective actions.  Together, the children of God in Possilpark are at work, living, laughing, crying, loving, and making God visible.  And, those throughout Priority Areas are at work, each a piece of this mosaic, that, through having the opportunity to work with you all, has given us a chance to see a wee bit more of the mosaic of God’s love in the world.

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