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A joy we can be sure of.

JoyThere is something about the opening to the nativity story in Luke 1 which leaves me a bit bemused. Elizabeth and Zechariah have longed to have a child of their own for many, many years. But no child has ever appeared and it seems that the time has run out.
One day, a glorious angel appears to Zechariah and announces that not only will they have a child, but they will have a top of the range boy child! (As the passage goes on, the angel seems to get more excited with each added feature.) This alpha male will be the answer to their every prayer!.. read more

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I am thankful that family matters.

Over the last few weeks, I have been repeatedly reminded what the word “family” means and who that includes. It all started when my flatmates and I went to the three day Priority Area* Conference with the focus of the meeting being “Family Matters.” Throughout the conference, we were asked to think about our family at home, in the church, and within the community. It wasn’t until these moments that I truly started to think of all of the different families that I have... read more

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