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Paul ChapmanWhen  Pope Francis  released his new encyclical letter, LAUDATO SI’: ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON  HOME, there was quite a stir, but since then I’ve heard nothing,  not even when climate change is discussed.  Perhaps the encyclical is too radical for people to deal with.

From the beginning, Pope Francis unites his care for the environment  with an unwavering commitment to overcoming poverty. There should be no disconnect between our faith and our efforts to overcome poverty and the abuse of the natural world – two evils that are really one.   He continues that an ecological approach always becomes a social approach.  We are part of the natural world and not superior to it.  Some people feel free to use and abuse it as if it belonged to them... read more

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Filling a gap

calumStarting last month as a full time “gapper” with ‘thegkexperience’ has been like a dream come true for me. The opportunity to work for what I believe to be a fantastic organisation that puts the young people we work with above anyone or anything else. This has had a very positive effect on my attitude towards work and motivates me every day to strive to do my best for our young people.

Due to my 3 years as a volunteer with ‘gk’ and as a participant on their Young Leaders Programme I have had no trouble settling into my new role... read more

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