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The weakness of God

Paul ChapmanA few years ago, in Edinburgh, the American Biblical scholar, Marcus Borg, told of students who often came to him saying that they did not believe in God.  Borg would then ask, What is it about God that you do not believe? In answering, the students would perhaps describe a powerful force in the universe, usually in the form of an old man, that had total control over the affairs of the world – the events of nature and of the world’s people.  They would then speak of the disasters that befell humankind, tsunamis, pandemics and wars asking how an all-powerful benevolent god could allow such suffering.  The students could not believe in such a god... read more

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People change things

The Church of Scotland and Faith in Community Scotland have recently made submissions to the Smith Commission. The Smith Commission has been given the task of getting agreement on the specifics of the new powers that will come to Scotland following September’s Independence Referendum.

At the heart of both submissions lies a plea: “Let’s make our democracy better, stronger and much more engaging.”

Close PopeAt the Global Meeting of Popular Movements, Pope Francis committed the Catholic Church to walk alongside the poor in their struggle for justice... read more

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Richmond’s Hope

RH and FicsRichmond’s Hope and Faith in Community Scotland recently hosted a Child Bereavement Conference at Cranhill Development Trust. Held on 1st October 2014 the conference offered an opportunity to find out more about the work of Richmond’s Hope with the view to the possibility of partnership working to start up a local bereavement service in Glasgow. Richmond’s Hope received funding to work in partnership with Faith in Community Scotland to support the development of child bereavement services in Glasgow and the surrounding area... read more

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