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Food Poverty – it’s time to get angry.

food povertyThe growing number of people in our country who are going hungry has been something which has shocked and out-raged many of us over recent times. This week the Scottish Government gave out an additional £500,000 through its Emergency Food Fund. But this money, although welcome, will not stem the rising tide of hunger and human misery. There will be those who will argue that all will be resolved following the outcome of the Referendum but the problems which exist this month will still be here at the end of next month... read more

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The Law of God – Part 2

Paul ChapmanBarack Obama has just announced that the US military will bomb ISIS forces that are making rapid gains in Iraq, a tortured decision for the man who as President vowed to reduce America’s military role in the Middle East. Learning of Obama’s decision, someone asked me if non-violence could play any role in this conflict.  Non-violence as a means of social change was successful in India, in South Africa and in the southern United States, so why not in Iraq?  It seems to me that non-violence works in those nations where there is a backdrop of basic social justice and fairness... read more

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People make Glasgow!

Tammy StatueAs Lulu and Kylie’s Lo-Commotion settles, Tunnocks tea cake sales rocket and Parkhead’s scotty dog stars do a Scottish Tour, I’m ‘cream crackered’ after three weeks of rewarding sports chaplaincy in Glasgow’s CWG Athletes Village. Together, with a harmonious and hard working chaplaincy team, I’ve been privileged to meet, serve and learn from a diverse international community come in to visit.

Two years on from London 2012, Londoners still speak fondly of the Olympics and Gamesmakers changing their city. Some tell me London is generally more friendly now and volunteering more popular... read more

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