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From regeneration to resurrection

CDTSo the destruction of the Red Road flats is not to feature in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. I’m glad. It’s not only the arguments about folks’ lives and memories that made the idea crass and insensitive for me, but that it seemed to draw attention to the failure of regeneration policy in general. Authorities are very good at knocking down, but not so good at reimagining a place with the people who live there in mind.

David Sim of Gehl architects ( ) spent a day recently in Cranhill with local people and interested architects and planners, firstly looking and listening... read more

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Food and a fair press

Melvyn March 2014 (2)The Church and the press often don’t have an easy relationship.  We in the church have grown resigned to church related disputes and scandals getting tabloid headlines, while the good work we do is ignored.  Since we launched the Glasgow NW Foodbank in Blawarthill Church last year, I’ve found to my delight that the papers can still be our friends.  We have had a steady stream of supportive articles in the local and national press, and one of our volunteers has a weekly column in a respected national broadsheet... read more

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BreadOn the 4th April I am joining friends and colleagues across the UK in a 24 hour fast to raise awareness of the growing levels of hunger in our fabulously wealthy country. I am a wee bit nervous at the prospect.

I am nervous that choosing not to eat for one day looks patronising when compared to the growing thousands in our country who don’t have that choice. The cupboards are empty. I think of Carol who has regularly pointed out to me that while I can do all this ‘anti-poverty stuff’ I’ve still got milk in the fridge at the end of the day!.. read more

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