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God in the most unexpected of places

Stuart DavidsonWho’s got the copyright on this one? That’s not quite what I thought when the idea jumped into my head but it wasn’t all that far away.

It couldn’t happen, it was just mad to think about. For a start who would I write to, they’d think I was crazy. I’d be selling the church literally down the river and people would be thinking that I’m just joining in with the consumerist culture.

However, the other half of me was saying “Jesus always responds to faith” as I was coming up with reasons why I should try after all they can only say no... read more

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Who is my neighbour?

AndyRecently saw the launch of the Church of Scotland’s Statistics for Mission along with the companion book, ‘Who is my Neighbour?’  Using the 2011 census information, statistics have been applied to every Church of Scotland parish across the country with the purpose of helping you understand your own community better. Sometimes we don’t know as much about our own communities as we like to think we do and sometimes what we once knew is just not the case anymore. Our perceptions of our surroundings are often based on those things that are the most visible in communities, and whilst this is important, some of the real needs remain hidden... read more

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Lenten meditation

lentI wonder if we are really getting the most out of the season of Lent, or are we missing an important dimension of the season.  Are we really paying attention to the controversy that God has with his people (The Lord has a controversy with his people and he will contend with Israel. Micah 6: 2b).  Do we, with confidence, look too soon at the resurrection like a child who peeks during hide and seek and thus we by-pass the importance of the Lenten season?  It is important to learn that Jesus was an anathema to many in Israel... read more

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The Church is constantly changing

Paul - new photoThe church is constantly changing, and well it should in a rapidly changing world.  Its future depends on change. But change can create problems.  Some people, resisting change, believe that faithfulness to the eternal gospel requires staying the old course.  The problem is that ‘staying the course’ may be perpetuating policies that divide and exclude people, that are judgmental rather than embracing.  Or they want to hold on to hymns with theology long since discredited.  Think “Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war.”

 Those who advocate change sometimes initiate practices that are themselves exclusive.  Rock music at church is anathema for some people... read more

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