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From hostility to hospitality: what if…?

What ifRemember the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign? A gigantic effort in 2005 on a scale never seen by the world before, it was the biggest ever coalition of like-minded organisations coming up with a global manifesto to consign poverty to the dustbins of history.  That, poverty is still very much around, and even greater than it was back then what with the economic crisis, is a moot point.

But what the effort did help was to assign global intent and action on the issue... read more

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Fun, food, imagination and genuine participation.

ffiTo my mind these are four key ingredients in a congregation’s life or in a community’s life as it looks to grow and develop.  In Chance to Thrive we can see how local groups have been working in ways which are both enjoyable and involving more people in thinking about ideas for the future.  We also managed to mix together these ingredients in many pleasing ways in our discussions at the recent Priority Areas consultation at Gartmore.      

  • Fun

I have often wondered why people should be bothered turning up at endless rounds of meetings which are as exciting as watching the buses pass up and down the road on a quiet day.  We often take ourselves too seriously and don’t realise that a fun loving or mischievous spirit can enliven a group’s life and lead it to places it might never otherwise go.  One good fun resource which four of the Chance to Thrive local groups really enjoyed using is the DISCOVERY Resource Toolkit.  Our groups have found that DISCOVERY offers an interactive way of exploring a parish with all its good things and its challenges and groups ended up with presentations they were pleased to share... read more

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From hostility to hospitality: job centre relations

blood boil‘It’s just mindless, what’s happening!’


‘Enough to make your blood boil!’

And so we sat, weighed down by this intolerable feeling, blood boiling but hearts heavy, informed but at a loss, listening to stories and statistics about welfare cuts, bedroom tax, and sanctions.  (Being sanctioned means having your benefit payments stopped; in the current situation people are being sanctioned for between a month and three years.)  And just what can you do, we wondered, at this inexplicable system, at the way people are treated, at the enforcement of nonsensical inhuman rules?.. read more

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