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Celebrating Christmas when the sky falls in

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As I was Christmas shopping in Glasgow city centre yesterday, I came across the weather-beaten floral tribute to those who died in the Clutha Vaults a few weeks ago. It is hard to believe that in a split second music and dancing turned to eerie silence and the sky came tumbling in.

When we experience a personal or community tragedy at this time of year, people always say it’s the worst possible time. That Christmas Day will be especially difficult. And yet, most of us who have lost someone dear will know that that may not be exactly true... read more

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What does it mean to really be heard?

Jake and KourtneyLondon? The Scotland Office?!  I’ve never even been to another city -apart from Edinburgh to the Zoo with the school- and you want me to go to London and speak to MPs? Gee wizzums!”

16 year old Kourtney McMurray’s response when she was asked to visit to The Scotland Office in Whitehall was one to be cherished! The trip, part of the Church of Scotland Moderator’s visit to Westminster, included a reception with a focus on the work of Priority Areas... read more

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The meaning of “faith-rooted”

treeUsing the term ‘faith-rooted’ to describe the work that goes on in Priority Areas and Faith in Community Scotland, is not about seeking the most accurate terminology, but rather asking better questions about the nature of faith groups’ involvement in social and economic justice.

Rev. Alexia Salvatierra of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice uses the term ‘faith-rooted’ in the context of community organising, contrasting it to a ‘faith-based’ approach. Reference to her definitions here is not a means to criticise what is deemed ‘faith-based’ work – for it may be that different terminology is linked to similar ideas... read more

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