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Jo Love“There were 12 of us on Sunday. We’re obviously not doing the right thing at the right time.” A colleague was musing during a working lunch on Tuesday. “And up the road we’ve got 25 kids and 6 adults every week, what a great ‘problem’, but it is hard to get things right…”

“Folk got a shock when the minister actually got us talking to each other in the services. It took time, a long time, to be comfortable with it. Sunday went well, but it was an easy question this week!” A brief reflection with another colleague in his car after being unexpectedly picked up at the bus stop and given a lift to work that same morning.

I didn’t add that my own highlights had come after the service, having my first ‘shot’ of holding the new baby of the church family and then being sent home with two courgettes and some green beans from the church garden!

“Ach, we’re really struggling with Sundays just now. It’s not good, there’s all this creative stuff but folk don’t want it…” This from another worker in a nearby place, during a conference day the previous Saturday.

It can be a strange beast, the Sunday morning thing we do.

It’s at the heart of our life together, apparently. It can feel like the sacred cow we dare not touch. As a time and place to encounter God, it can pale in comparison to a walk in the country, an hour in the garden, a few moments beholding a sunset. It can as easily nourish us or see us go home groaning, but can we quite articulate why? What made that happen?

What if we had some intentional conversations about worship? What if we talked about and teased apart what this time together is all about, what we’re doing, and why, and what it means for us, and how we might enable it to be even more deeply that special time to be with God together? Supposing such conversations could happen freely and frankly, what would you love the chance to explore?

A quote from another colleague. “Worship, in essence, is an expression to us of what God is about, and an expression to God of what we are about. Worship embodies the truth that our lives and God’s are caught up in a wonder-ful, meaningful exchange.”


A bunch of us will be doing just that at a church this Sunday. Watch this space.

Jo Love
Resource Worker – Wild Goose Resource Group



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