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On Sundays

Jo Love“There were 12 of us on Sunday. We’re obviously not doing the right thing at the right time.” A colleague was musing during a working lunch on Tuesday. “And up the road we’ve got 25 kids and 6 adults every week, what a great ‘problem’, but it is hard to get things right…”

“Folk got a shock when the minister actually got us talking to each other in the services. It took time, a long time, to be comfortable with it... read more

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Beyond the X-Factor narrative: researching change in young people

Young People 1A colleague and I have been involved in doing some research for the GK experience, an organisation that supports young people in the poorest communities in Glasgow. I’d met a few of the young people before and heard about some of the challenges in their lives. At first, I was surprised that the young people didn’t really talk about these difficulties; I thought these would be the most important stories. Listening more closely to them, I was reminded that I’m not there to decide what the relevant stories are for them, but to listen to what they consider to be the important points in their own lives... read more

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Lord’s Supper

Paul Chapman 2At most formal celebrations of the Lord’s Supper, the celebrant repeats approximately the same words, “Jesus took the bread…Jesus took the cup…”. Interestingly, these indelible words, held in the heart of every regular church member are primarily drawn, not from the Gospels which are the common repository of Jesus’ words, but from the Apostle Paul. While they have played a central role in the life of the church, the words of ‘institution’ as they are generally called, were not themselves of great importance to Paul... read more

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