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A wee clan of gnomes …

If you’ve been reading the Go For It Blog for a long time, you may remember our blog about the flock of pink flamingos that were helping us to raise money for a trip to Malawi in 2016. If you didn’t read it, it was an idea that the Boy’s Brigade (BB) Officer leading the trip, Colin Anderson, got from the States. It involved us buying a couple of flocks of pink plastic flamingos and sneaking round in the dead of night to flock peoples’ gardens with the birds. The idea was that someone paid to have this done to a friend or relative to mark a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion or even just because they wanted to help support our trip. The flamingos had an enormous impact in our local community and raised thousands of pounds in a few months.

Our trip to Malawi in 2016 was a massive success. Through a combination of sponsorship, individual fund raising, flamingo flocking, and many events we raised around £75k and managed to renovate 18 classrooms in 2 schools. It was a life changing experience for everyone involved and taught us that small communities like ours can do remarkable things to help people thousands of miles away who need our support.

The problems that Malawians face on a daily basis are not going away, so we are planning our next trip in 2019 to pick up where we left off and help even more young people to get the education that will help them build an independent future.

An early problem reared its head though – our flamingo flocks are no more. They were auctioned off, after celebrity endorsement from the Murray brothers, to raise even more money for Malawi.
Not to worry, this year Colin has come up with an equally ingenious solution to support our fundraising. And this time it’s a very British one.

For the next few months, clans of Gnomes will be making surprise appearances in gardens across this area of the world and working hard to raise money for our project.

We’ve got three clans – the wee clan (30 Gnomes), the medium clan (60 Gnomes) and the bigger clan (90 Gnomes). And for that extra special occasion we can also organise a full clan gathering where 120 hard working Gnomes come together to create quite an impact.

The response so far has been fantastic and our little friends are causing quite a stir. They’ve even been front-page news in the press. And, more importantly, they are again helping to raise the funds we need to deliver our project for Malawi.

As a BB Company we recognise that our faith is very clear about the importance of tackling poverty and inequality and that our actions are an important part of living those values on a daily basis. Having fun in the process is a huge bonus and bringing laughter to our neighbours at the same time makes it even more rewarding.

You can follow the progress of our Gnome clans on Facebook at@BBGnomes. Who knows, it might just give you the inspiration that you need to come up with something equally imaginative to help tackle poverty or inequality in your area.

Graeme McEwan

25th Stirling (Dunblane) Boys’ Brigade Company

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