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An evolution of mission

Go For It has been an evolution of mission for us: The Research Grant employed an outside agency, sympathetic with our message of faith, to create workshops in a local high school. Their remit was to ask the question ‘what do young people want?’

The answer was a film club. Go For It then funded the Pilot Grant to test the findings out. We tested it in one High school and one Primary school, though we used elements of the club in other schools and events. The result has been staggering.

We are now entering the stage where local schools are asking for a Film Club in their school.This initiative helps us build relationship with our local community as well as providing a much needed and welcome resource for local schools.From Research Grant to Pilot Grant and now to Main Grant application, Go For It are helping us to be an effective agent of change in our community.

The main grant, if successful, will be used to employ a skilled worker to join with the Young Person and Families Worker.

The main remit will be to imagine, develop and write a school’s programme around the use of media. Drawing on the Curriculum for Excellence, and negotiating Service Level Agreements, the plan is to have a package that will be scaleable and simple to use.

This will create a consistent approach and will hopefully be an opening to attract further funding.

The young people also want a cinema and coffee shop, and their own space to in which to create it, preferably in Inverness city centre. They have huge dreams and ambitions, Go For It is helping is make those dreams a reality in a series of small supported steps.

Below is a report that one of the schools sent to me.

Film Club provides young people in P6 and P7, with a rare opportunity to be part of something fun, creative and sociable. Children love movies and giving them the opportunity to create their own is a special privilege. Sharing their film with the rest of the school and listening to feedback ensures that this is a learning process for all.

Teachers report that the educational and social benefits to the children attending are considerable. It develops children’s critical reasoning skills, it makes children more positive about sharing their views and it can integrate isolated or disengaged children.

The Film Club is a small and informal gathering where a willing group can encounter ideas, experiences and emotions that may not be everyday topics of discussion, but which shape all their lives.

Schools are busy and noisy places. Requests and demands to ‘do’ things can seem relentless, from a pupil’s point of view, most days are fragmented and repetitive.

The creative process is a mysterious one, but what it does require is time and space to think, muse and contemplate. Also useful is stimulation and ideas – to encounter the creative efforts of others and Film Club offers all these things.

Film Club is one way that we can help children to feel a part of something, not apart from everything. Inclusion is a central aim, and we are quick to see that Film Club makes children more emotionally receptive to learning.

David Lynch
Trinity Church, Inverness

About the Author

David Lynch is the Young Person and Family Worker at Trinity Church in Inverness.

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