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The Future of Church and Community Life

Take a look at the above picture, it’s a small part of a much larger work A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat.  It is constructed of thousands of tiny dots of colour. What I find fascinating is how each unique point can be different to those around it yet each takes its place blending into the overall image (see below).

Go For It has now been operating for six years with the aim of funding projects that transform church and community. In that time we have supported around 300 projects.

Each individual project can be seen as a point in a picture, and when viewed up close to other projects it may be difficult to see how it fits, but when we take a step back, we get to see the broader canvas of churches, and other not for profit organisations working in partnership with churches, engaging with the needs in the communities around them.

Bringing these different individual projects together is building a picture of what the future of church and community can look like and I think it’s a pretty exciting picture!

Would you like to contribute to the developing picture? Do you have your own idea for a project that Go For It might be able to support?

You may have heard of some of the ones we have worked with so far: St Paul’s Youth Forum; Hot Chocolate at the Steeple Church, Dundee; Centipede Project; and Maryhill Memories. We have funded projects working with children and youths, folk with dementia and their carers, those who are isolated, struggling with debt, homeless, and many, many more!

Whether your idea is large or small, our grants range from a few hundred pounds to help perform research in your local area to tens of thousands of pounds to core fund your project over three years (and possibly a further two years beyond that). We have over £600,000 available in grant funding to allocate before the end of 2018 – so it’s worth making an application. Go For It is also a “first funder” so its Letter of Award can be used to help attract funding from other sources.

Take a look at our new animation which explains more about Go For It, our grants, and the sorts of projects that we support and then check out our web site for details of how to apply!

Also, a date for your diary – Tuesday 4th December at the Principal Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow. Here we will be asking current projects to come and share stories of their own experiences both with other projects but also to inspire others. Look out for details later in the year!

David Williams
Go For It Manager

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