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Dreaming Big

Our project is two years old and God has surpassed our expectations. In fact He has surpassed our expectations so much that the ‘bigness’ of it all can be at times overwhelming. We are so incredibly grateful for the favour we have in our local schools, for the welcome we receive and for the ideas they’re now generating and would like support with. We’re amazed at the number of people accessing our resources through the website and are grateful for all the positive feedback we receive and the interest from across the country.

We’re encouraged to dream big and that’s good.

Our God is big, with Him all things are possible. But sometimes the ‘bigness’ can make us feel like we’re not doing enough, that we must strive more and more to make the most of every opportunity and our project will only be a success if we do that.

When we feel like this what should we do?

We need to remember that we are not God! We cannot do everything. And He has not asked us to. We need to remember what He asked us to do and trust him to do the rest. It’s good to go back to the initial objectives of our project – are we still on track? Or have our attention and efforts been diverted?

We can meet with our project teams and pray and plan together – we can’t do everything, what is God asking us to do? We can pray big prayers, tell God our dreams and see what He does. But rest knowing it’s not our job to do everything.

What does it look like for our project, the Ten Must Know Bible Stories? We’re dreaming and praying. We’re advertising for an additional part time worker. We’re saying no to things we don’t currently have capacity for, trusting God that the growth of his kingdom doesn’t require us to work non-stop, but at the same time prioritising exploring opportunities God seems to be giving us. Watch this space!

Sue Thomson
Project Leader, Ten Must Know Bible Stories

About the Author

Sue Thomson is Project Leader at Ten Must Know Bible Stories, an initiative of St Columba’s Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. The project (pictured above and below) is using a Go For It Main Grant to explore the Bible in primary school classes; providing teacher training and materials to embed the stories in literacy, numeracy, art, health and science lessons.

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