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Our congregation of St Madoes and Kinfauns Parish Church have two projects and a community cafe running in our new Madoch Centre.

I am very thankful, due to the dedication of volunteers, local folk and my fabulous colleagues, that ten months in phrases such as ‘increased physical activity’, ‘combatting social isolation’ and ‘community cohesion’ are becoming more than just ‘funder-speak’.

We have an average of 320 people attending exercise activities each week aged from 3 years to 98 years…around 60 folk drop into the Centre each day and spend time together chatting, chilling and enjoying outstanding home baking or just a cuppa…other activities and projects such as a community transport scheme are progressing nicely.

However, last Friday, in what was ‘just another day’, I was so aware that actually it can be the unplanned moments that illustrate the phrase ‘community cohesion’:

…a young man (happens to have Down’s Syndrome) came in to do our Friday clear up – he cheered everyone up joking and chatting about his news…

…an elderly lady not able to get out (‘cos of caring neighbours who noticed) was able to come in for a coffee and then played table tennis and met whole range of ages of folk…

…lots of people dropped in after school to play table tennis and chat…

…mum’s from the ‘Breast Buddies Group’ supported each other with their wee ones and also thought of ways to help older folks…

…children of different ages enjoyed badminton together as an after-school activity…

…an 80 year old man popped in to water the flowers (understandably doesn’t trust me) and someone he’d previously chatted to just in passing (and of a much younger age group) took the time to catch up with him and then to lend a hand…

…lady who had stopped by after some cancer treatment taking time to introduce herself to a new older lady and take her hand…

…and each day there are so many, many more moments of ‘community cohesion’.

We are delighted as a church family to be bringing our community together and continue to appreciate the times when folk ask about the hope within us.

Anthea Bircham
St Madoes and Kinfauns Church

About St Madoes and Kinfauns Church

St Madoes and Kinfauns Church in Perth received a Go For It Main Grant for their Madoch Centre Active Sports Hub project; providing sport programmes to reach out to all ages (particularly men and boys with little or no church connection), in a rural area with a lack of amenities.

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