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A time for renewal


I have been thinking a lot about renewal recently. It’s probably “The Beast From The East” or more than likely the coming change in the seasons. As the first daffodils and snowdrops start to appear, I see that nature is getting ready to renew itself into another spring where it can come to life again.

Nature renews itself on a yearly cycle but how often do we take time to renew ourselves? There is a trend in society for ‘self-care’. In its most basic form this means taking the time to look after yourself – to make sure that your own needs are met so that you are better able to meet the needs of those around you.

You can’t fill someone else’s cup when yours is empty.

What self-care looks like differs from person to person. For some, it’s losing themselves in a good book for a little while, for others it’s getting out into the garden or going for a walk. It’s whatever makes you feel good.

Which leads me to ponder how we as church communities can care for others? What can you do in your local area that can make a difference in the everyday lives of those on the fringes of “church”?

What is that “bud” of an idea that could grow and make a positive difference for good? Is it a youth project? Working with those suffering from illness? Poverty?  Depravation?  Could Go For It help you and your congregation “seed” such a project?  Not sure where to start?  Get in touch with the Go For It team!

Jesus issued us all with a new commandment – to love one another. Just that one simple idea. We begin to love one another, first by loving, and caring for, ourselves. Once we have done this we are better able to care for those around us – our family, friends, church, community and beyond.

So, I invite you, to think about how you can take the time to care for yourselves so that you are fulfilled and renewed in the love of Christ. So that you are better able to bring Christ’s love to those around you.


Jim Teasdale

Minister at Glasgow: Eastwood

Former Go For It Committee Member

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