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Looking Back …


It is very humbling to look back over the past few years at the feedback that we have received at Finn’s Place across the whole range of our activities.

From a men’s singing group, yoga, massage, and Capacitar, to Mindfulness, Art and Creative Writing, it has been amazing to see the impact of getting people together, offering times of quiet, helping people learn something new and generally trying to make people feel that they are welcome and appreciated.

We have been blessed with great tutors who deliver our sessions, all of them committed to the ethos of Finn’s Place as a safe space where people are welcome no matter what is happening in their lives, no matter what situations they are facing. When someone walks through the door, they are the same as everyone else.

In any one class we might have someone who is retired, someone who is unemployed, someone who is a carer, someone who has a high-powered stressful job, a single mother, someone recovering from illness, someone facing a difficult time in life, someone who has just celebrated an important achievement.

For me, this is the beauty of Finn’s Place.


No one asks what life is like, but people can volunteer that information if and when they are ready. No one is targeted as being a part of a special issue group, but we end up with most of them being represented anyway. No one checks on the level of deprivation, education, addiction or whatever, of those who come. But as we get to know people we hear their stories of difficulties, stress, life challenges and what coming to Finn’s Place has meant to them. One of our tutors, Anne Murray, wrote a poem about Finn’s Place.

A to Z of Finn’s Place

Art, acupressure, aromatic teas

Being, just being.  While Brownies Buzz and Big Boys play Bools next door.

Capacitar by candlelight.  Creativity in colour, written word and song.

Drop-ins, diversity.  Duffin’s powerful art.

Enablement.  Encouragement.  Energising company and
Eating lots of biscuits (but they are fair-traid)

Finn the funny, furry,fickle cat.  Faith,fairness and fruit trees.

The Garden. The Garden Room – looking out, looking in.
Good old George, and        GONG, GONG, GONG.

Health. Hidden heating. Herbal teas.

Imagination, information and inner journeying.

Jolly children’s leaders.  Singing ‘Jerusalem’.

Kirk sessions and Kitchen rules, kitchen rules and kirk sessions, kirk sessions and . . . . Och, can’t we have Karaoke for a change?

The Labyrinth.  The Last Supper.
Living our lives to the full in Langside.

Massage, meditation, mindfulness; moving on, making the most of ourselves.

Natural light.  New friends.

Open, opening and opened doors.

Pilgrimage and Peace; posh piano playing, purple mats and one particular ponytail.

Qigong.  Quiet space.

Ruth, gently and faithfully holding it all together.

Space and light.  Sound and Silence. Stained glass.  Spiritual Support, Sanctuary.

Tackling isolation and stress.
Toilet twinning with Burundi – Latrine No. 1232 for the women, 1087 for the men.

Underfloor heating – over-effective at times.

Vision.  Volunteering.

Warmth and wellbeing; Wifi and welcome.

X marks the spot.  The mystery of existence.

Yin and Yang and Yoga.

Zeal, zest.  And being in the zenith zone.


Ruth Forsythe
Project Coordinator, Finn’s Place

About Finn’s Place

Finn’s Place is a Go For It funded wellbeing project, based in Langside Church in Glasgow, providing activities including meditation, art, retreats and gardening. For further information, please email Ruth or like their Facebook page.

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