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Good and Faithful Servant

Earlier today, as I write this, the great Dr Billy Graham passed away to be with the Lord. An amazing man of God who stood firm in his calling to spread the gospel, the Good News of Jesus and help others have a living relationship with God. How amazing is God’s power that he has used such an ordinary man to do such magnificent works over so many generations. I am especially grateful for his commitment to communicate God’s love, grace and forgiveness as my own Dad committed his life to God at a Billy Graham rally when I was the age of my eldest daughter now. Seeing my Dad step forward to take up his cross, hand over his life to God and say ‘yes, I’m yours, do what you will with my life’, has significantly impacted my walk with God and ultimately strengthened my own personal relationship with God.


Dr. Mordecai Ham was the man who spoke the night Billy became a Christian. Another ordinary man, broken by sin, yet had a commitment to God, led him and many others to a life of salvation and Billy in turn, brought thousands of others onto their faithful journey with God.

What is he hadn’t? What if Dr Ham decided to not turn up or send Billy and his friend away from the meeting? What if Billy made a decision to not carry on with the commitment he just made? We are those ordinary people making an extraordinary decision. You and I are those people who are called to lead others into relationship with God. We have a duty and a calling to bring up the next generation to know God as their own.


Recently, I took part in a training day for running holiday clubs and spoke on the topic of building up young leaders. From thinking and researching the topic, it really got me thinking about each one of us in the church, are responsible for bringing the gospel in an appropriate way to our young people. This knowledge and teaching is an open pathway to allow our young people to become Christians when they are ready, and allow them to take up their own cross and spread the good news to others. What a huge responsibility! Any one of us could be the person who brings a young person to faith, who then in turn sees hundreds say ‘yes’ to God. What a privilege and an honour!

So, how do we do it? At the Formatine Youth Project, we are working with a fantastic group of young people who are taking on the challenge of identifying who they are in the eyes of God. We recently completed the youth alpha course, which included our first ever weekend away and are now continuing to study together looking further into what shapes our identity and how we can be the people God wants us to be. We’re in their schools, we bring them to events to meet other Christians and we support them where they are at.


We have a huge responsibility. Our young people are open, influential and read to take on the challenge. Let’s use them and see the next relational, generational relevant preacher come out of our youth groups and churches. It’s exciting, it a challenge and then we can wait and hear those sweet words….’Good and Faithful Servant’.

Claire Bell
Children and Youth Worker
Formartine Youth Project

About Formartine Youth Project

Formartine Youth Project (FYP) is an initiative of four rural churches: Methlick, Tarves linked with Barthol Chapel and Udny and Pitmedden. They’re using a Go For It Main Grant to provide activities for children and young people (e.g. Music Sessions, Youth Cafes, Messy Church) to help them develop as individuals and experience Christianity. Check out a great video of them in action!

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