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My Five C’s of Collaboration



Create the opportunity and space to connect and communicate. You need to be in contact to make a connection.

Prioritise the time to make purposeful and deliberate new connections – not just with people you come into contact with on an everyday basis.

Explore and understand the motivations, values, priorities and mindset of other professionals and other organisations. Ask and be curious about what matters to you?

Do not shy away from critical conversations. These are important for understanding each other and challenging mindsets.


Be curious. Ask questions. Explore possibilities.

Ask what is the story of us? What are the similarities and common purpose?  Establish a shared vision.

What do we have to offer and to give? What do we need and have to gain? How does this work for all of us? What can we achieve together?

Step back, reflect and see the bigger picture. What are the potential game changers? To do this we need different perspectives and voices. Everybody holds different bits of information. These bits of information are like signals to the brain. All the signals together is what makes it make sense.

Ask what can I do? What is my role?


Make it happen. Test ideas and find what works.


Take good practice along with what works and share share share.

Turn what works into common practice. This sounds simple but often an idea is not tested or the lessons learnt are not shared and then forgotten.

Do not assume everyone will come with you immediately or ever. This requires time through relationships. Invest in people. There is a huge impact when we all work together with the same vision.

Involve everyone at all levels. This is where the answers lie.

Consider it as a movement of mindsets. It is not a new structure or a new policy or a new project. Instead It is an approach, a way of working, a mindset shift.


Recognise your achievements, the difference you make and the impact you have. The more you reflect, recognise and share your achievements and what is working well, the more it will spread. Others will also see it, catch the vision and get on board.


Alone I can find out what works for me. Together we can find out what works for everyone

Sharon Colvin
Project Manager
3D Drumchapel

About 3D Drumchapel

3D Drumchapel are using a Go For It Main Grant to provide activities, events and Workshops to support local families; improving parent/child relations, as well as increasing parenting skills and children’s confidence.

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