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We’ve heard a lot about fake news recently. In case you’ve missed it, fake news is an untrue piece of information – usually news – spread for some kind of political gain. It’s what we used to call rumour and spin – and, in older times, propaganda. Most recently, the term was first used by US President Donald Trump during his election campaign to try to score points over any media outlet that presented a negative image of him. A lot of fake news has received more coverage than traditional propaganda because of social media. In the digital age, information can spread in the blink of an eye and reach all four corners of the globe with little thought or acknowledgement of how true it might be. In turn, this can make people suspicious of every piece of information they receive. In this age of spin and new propaganda, how do we know what or who to trust?

This is not, however, a new concept – only the method of communication is new. After all, the allegations that the Pharisees made about Jesus could be labelled as fake news – an attempt to discredit and self-promote.

The problem, then, with fake news is that it stops the real news being heard – the true stories of all the good that there is in the world. The good news of Jesus and the good news of all the work that is done in His name.

Go For It, through its work, and even this blog, is just one way of combatting such things.

Go For It supports countless people across Scotland to help countless more – quietly, faithfully and in countless different ways.

It is just one example of the good news which should be heard – the good news which should be being shouted from the rooftops. The good news which makes people stop, take notice and think ‘what can I do to help’.

So, the challenge for everyone involved in Go For It itself and the many projects that it supports, is this – to tell the good news of the work that Go For It does and the people and communities that it supports. To tell it far and wide – using the new technologies which are spreading fake news so far, if you wish. Tell it so that the four corners of the world can see that there is real, true, good news to be heard and seen.

Despite the fake news told about Him, the good news that Jesus brought refused to be quieted – let’s make sure that the good news that Go For It brings for so many continues to be spread and heard too.

Jim Teasdale
Recent Go For It Committee Member

About the Author

Rev Jim Teasdale is minister at Eastwood Parish Church in Glasgow, and a recent member of the Church of Scotland’s Go For It Committee.

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