Monthly Archives: December 2017

Advent – a time for reflection

Advent and the closing out of another year always lead me to reflection, and what a year we have to reflect upon at the Carnwadric WIN Project. Throughout this year we have seen new pieces of work get off the ground, participation numbers grow, relationships develop and we’ve seen positive outcomes for many of the families that we work with.

None of these things would have been possible without the dedication of our small team of volunteers who work tirelessly to support the work of the project, so we were delighted this year to receive funding from the Voluntary Action Fund to develop our work with, and support of, volunteers at WIN... read more

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Spreading Good News

We’ve heard a lot about fake news recently. In case you’ve missed it, fake news is an untrue piece of information – usually news – spread for some kind of political gain. It’s what we used to call rumour and spin – and, in older times, propaganda. Most recently, the term was first used by US President Donald Trump during his election campaign to try to score points over any media outlet that presented a negative image of him. A lot of fake news has received more coverage than traditional propaganda because of social media... read more

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