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My word will always produce fruit …

It is the same with my word, I send it out and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it”. Isaiah 55:11

Our project, Ten Must Know Bible Stories, launched a year ago. We are working with local schools to help them teach Christianity as part of the RME curriculum. We’re producing resources, training teachers and working with classes.

We want children to know Bible Stories. We want the storytelling and the learning to be so memorable, fun, active and relevant so those stories stick in their heads for the rest of their lives.

We teach in the classroom and outdoors and we’ve made all our resources available on our website tenbiblestories.org.

As we reflected on the first year we were amazed. And so immensely grateful to God. He has provided so much for this project. Financial provision. Favour in our community and schools. The skills needed to make the project happen. Opportunities and clear direction on a month to month basis. Children and teachers have fed back so positively about the projects work. The children’s questions have been amazing and their desire to explore faith more has been very evident. They have big questions about big issues and it has been good to give them space to explore them.

It sounds so positive – but there are frustrations, every week we can see more and more opportunities to develop our work but with time and resource limitations we know we can never take all the opportunities. There is a temptation to feel like we’re letting God down by not working hard enough. We long for other chaplains and churches to see the potential of working within the curriculum but are struggling to get them to engage with us. There is a temptation to be cross and disappointed in others. The children have so many questions but we run out of time in lessons to explore the answers with them, or we are limited by the setting with what we can say (rightfully so.)

But so much good has come from our first year that there is a clear lesson to learn. We must do our small part, do what God is asking us to do. Not worry what others are doing. The big picture is God’s, not ours.

So we are trusting God that as we faithfully share his word, the Bible stories, that it will produce fruit. We may not see it immediately but He has promised it so we know it will happen.

Check out our website at www.tenbiblestories.org. We hope you can be inspired by the resources and the pictures and videos of our project in action.

Sue Thomson
Project Leader, Ten Must Know Bible Stories

About the Author

Sue Thomson is Project Leader at Ten Must Know Bible Stories, an initiative of St Columba’s Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. The project (pictured above and below) is using a Go For It Main Grant to explore the Bible in primary school classes; providing teacher training and materials to embed the stories in literacy, numeracy, art, health and science lessons.

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