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What Next

There are two ways to read that heading:

One is with an exclamation mark – What Next!

‘Oh no something else has gone wrong‘

The other is with a more positive question mark – What next?

‘We’ve reached a place where we need to decide what steps to take to move forward.’

Most of us involved in Go For It Funded projects will have experienced a fair share of both. In recent years, Wellwood, the village where we run ‘The Well’ was devastated by school closure but has also undergone a series of positive changes – rebuilding of community, council funded initiatives to improve roads and housing and the setting up of a Community Council and floral group which received a Silver Award in 2016.

Then, at the turn of the year, the diggers moved in – literally – ploughing through flower beds, ripping up the park and leaving a trail of mud and a layer of stoor everywhere – all in the name of laying pipes for a new housing development some distance away. What next! we cried.

However, the council have come out in sympathy with long sought after funding for a new playpark and the builders responsible have been shamed into coming up with some compensation, allowing us to run a free Fun Day this summer and giving those who organise the annual Gala a well-deserved break and a chance to reflect on What’s Next?

The diggers have metaphorically moved in before, such as when we took the difficult decision to close the shop unit from which we operated ‘The Well’. The move to the nearby Salvation Army Centre seemed like a setback but has in fact improved relations across the community and opened doors rather than closing them (not to mention the fact it is warm and mould free!)

Sometime the diggers coming in are God’s way of getting us to examine what lies underneath our activities, and the loosening off of the ground opens up new possibilities so that we ask What’s Next?

Go For It Projects rarely run a smooth path but trusting that God has a plan for us can turn the exasperation of ‘What Next!’ into ‘What Next?’ as another unexpected route to loving others opens up.

Aileen Christie
The Well, Dunfermline

About The Well

The Well used a Go For It Continuation Grant to establish a fresh expression of church in Dunfermline. The project provides a community hub with activities for children, a drop-in facility for young people and a meeting place for adults.

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