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In this blog, 25th Stirling (Dunblane) Boys’ Brigade (BB) Company have asked two members of their band to tell everyone the difference that being involved makes to them, and to the community in which they live …

The 25th Stirling (Dunblane) BB Band has been giving opportunities to boys for the past seven years, such as teaching them how to read music, how to play many different musical instruments (brass, woodwind and percussion) and the chance to perform in front of large audiences in different places. All of these are important skills we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. It’s great how this can all be achieved whether or not you had any prior knowledge about music – and many of us had no clue at all!

The band noticeably has a positive impact on people’s day when they hear us perform. When we play at hospitals for people that may be feeling ill or even those just passing by who catch a few seconds of a tune while they visit, we can see the difference it makes, as they usually smile or laugh. When we play at school or church fetes or just in the street, many people stop to encourage and thank us. This makes us feel happy as well, as we are giving back to the community.

All tuition in the band is free and you’re given an instrument. This means the band is a great alternative to school lessons (it’s probably a bit more fun anyway!) and gives you lots of work to do, in a good way. Without the band, we can certainly say that most of the 40 boys involved would not play an instrument or have much to do with music at all.

Without the band, we can certainly say that most of the 40 boys involved would not play an instrument or have much to do with music at all.
Sean and Joshua, 25th Stirling (Dunblane) Boys’ Brigade

We get to go on band camps, rehearsal weekends and go to large parades and ceremonies such as the Guard of Honour for the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly or the BB Beating Retreat at Edinburgh Castle, where we mix with other bands. This allows us to meet and talk to new people, make new friends and learn new things. The camps also help us progress a huge amount, as we practice intensely over a week. We’re lucky to also have a minibus, as without it we would be very limited when it comes to transportation. Recently, we’ve played at Glasgow City Chambers, Perth Concert Hall, Bo’ness Steam Railway and we hope to go on tour to Germany in 2018.

I (Sean) have learned a lot from the band. I had no association with music before, apart from listening to it on the radio! But since I’ve joined the band (in Primary 7) I’ve learnt how to read treble and bass clef music, play the trumpet initially and now the tuba, and performed in front of large groups, whether in a concert, church service, competition or parade. These are valuable skills to have and I’m very fortunate to be in a company with a thriving band. I am, after all, playing an instrument I’d never likely be able to get from my school!

When I (Joshua) joined the band in Primary 5, I had not played any instruments, although I came from a musical family. Since then, I have become an experienced musician, and the BB band has given me the platform to do all of this. I have really loved all the band camps, including ones that I get to meet new people at, when we play alongside other BB musicians and those from other uniformed organisations, too.

If music is part of your God given talents, why not get in touch with your local Boys’ Brigade or Girls’ Brigade Company, and see if you can help make a difference to peoples’ lives?

Sean Duff and Joshua Spencer (age 14 – S3 pupils)
25th Stirling (Dunblane) Boys’ Brigade Company

About 25th Stirling (Dunblane) Boys’ Brigade

25th Stirling (Dunblane) Boys’ Brigade used Go For It funding to help purchase a minibus, to provide community transport to and from: local Groups, youth outings, national events, volunteering initiatives and charitable activities. Check out some more photos of their band in action below!

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