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Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere – Update 2

It’s quite remarkable (but not surprising) how long it can take to realise project goals, particularly when we depend on external agencies over which we have no direct control. The Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere (KKAA) project, which was first reported in this blog in May 2016, depended on having the church broadband service upgraded, to facilitate the live broadcast of services. Whist we waited for our broadband provider to deliver the upgrade, we started to record and publish services online, making them available on demand through the church website.

In January 2017, Superfast Broadband was finally delivered. This development has facilitated progress towards one of the project’s main objectives, which is the live broadcast of services to two local care homes and the sheltered housing complex. Testing is now underway, and we have broadcast live praise band practices, and hope to offer real time access to Sunday services very soon. This is indeed a major project goal which is about to be realised! In parallel with this development, other seemingly unrelated events have taken place – I’m certain that there is a greater plan designed by our God in heaven, which is being worked out.

I’m certain that there is a greater plan designed by our God in heaven, which is being worked out.
Jim Buchan, Kemnay Parish Church

On 31 January 2017, we said our final farewell to Rev John Renton, who had been our minister for over 25 years, prior to his retiral. He passed into God’s presence on 19 January. John was a very faithful servant during his time at Kemnay Parish Church of Scotland. He oversaw the implementation of a number of progressive initiatives during his ministry. It was therefore fitting that his memorial service was to be our first live webcast, using the KKAA system. The church was full to capacity, with people standing in the aisles. A live transmission of the service was watched at the Church Centre, which was used as an overflow area. John (pictured below) was a great encourager, and it seems fitting that God’s plan was to bring together a number of technical aspects, to make things possible for this special occasion.

As we wait for the three organisations mentioned above to become equipped to receive the live webcasts or watch recorded services in their common lounge areas, we already have individuals, in the care homes and in their own homes, watching the recorded services on laptops and handheld devices such as iPads and Smartphones. We’ve not yet started to actively promote the service archive, but despite this we have evidence that the recordings are already being viewed regularly. In the period from 1 September 2016 to 31 January 2017, we have logged 1116 views, which is very encouraging. Although the majority of viewers are in the Kemnay area, we can also see that people are watching from as far afield as the USA and a number of other overseas locations.

Photo above shows Rev John Renton, former minister of Kemnay Parish Church.

Jim Buchan
Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere

About Kemnay Kirk Anytime Anywhere

Kemnay Kirk, used a Go For It Main Grant to develop their project, broadcasting church services: to those unable to attend (members also plan to visit care homes during broadcast) and to keep in touch when people move/work away. To find out more, like their Facebook page.

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