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It’s not much, but …

When we go on walks with our little boy, we often come home with a whole array of items found in the woods and beaches of Scotland. We even have an old plant pot full of foraged sticks, outside of our front door. Precariously full, I dread the day when there’s no more room in that pot. And since Scotland boasts more stick than space, I feel the inevitable will come. Perhaps by then it will be snail shell season and that’ll be a great distraction. And they take up much less room.

It would be easy to dismiss the numerous sticks, stones and shells that have littered our pockets as the normal acts of a child, but there is something more.

Of all the sights on that walk – all the amazing things there are for a child to see – he takes the special items he chooses to pick up, and gives them to us. And it’s often accompanied with “That one is for you, Mummy” or “You keep that, Daddy.”

It doesn’t matter what it is – beautiful shell or scabby old stick – our little boy has given us all that he has at that moment. The most beautiful thing he has seen, he hands over to those who are walking this walk with him.

If we give all that we have of our time and skills, it doesn’t matter the worldly “value”.
Tracy Baird

“We all have talents that we can use for God”. A true statement. However, perhaps we should appendage it with another thought. One which comes from the story of the poor widow, in Mark Chapter 12, verses 41 to 44. The rich and powerful gave of their wealth. The poor widow, however, had not much to give; but she gave all that she had. It wasn’t much in the worldly sense, but it was everything to that widow, and to God.

We do all have talents. Some of us are destined to be standing on that stage in front of hundreds of people. Others are destined for the Youth Clubs. Or the kitchens. Or mucking out the toilets. And it doesn’t matter an ounce. Because if we give all that we have of our time and skills, it doesn’t matter the worldly “value”. It means everything to our Creator in heaven.

Whatever we give, it may not seem like much. It’s so much more – it’s all that we can do. It will be all that we have and everything beautiful.

The next time I pull an empty snail shell out of my pocket, I will remember that it may not be much, but it is all that he had.

Tracy Baird

About the Author

Tracy Baird was formerly the Senior Project Worker at Ayr Ark, a Go For It funded project which provides an alcohol-free nightclub, community education, Summer trips and lots more, to increase confidence and promote positive lifestyle choices among young people. Tracy and her family now live just south of Perth.

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