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It’s not much, but …

When we go on walks with our little boy, we often come home with a whole array of items found in the woods and beaches of Scotland. We even have an old plant pot full of foraged sticks, outside of our front door. Precariously full, I dread the day when there’s no more room in that pot. And since Scotland boasts more stick than space, I feel the inevitable will come. Perhaps by then it will be snail shell season and that’ll be a great distraction... read more

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The Process of Rebuilding

I find that photography (via my phone) is a great way for me to capture the mood of how I’m experiencing life at Trinity in Inverness. We’ve become a very image based society; Instagram users alone share 3600 images every second!!! It seemed appropriate that this medium would be the basis for my blog post of words and images.

Three pairs of child shoes lay abandoned under empty pews. I’d been thinking about the loss of children from our Sunday services, and wanted to represent how that felt... read more

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I love telling stories! Most of all, I love telling Bible stories. Why? Because they’re packed with excitement and drama, emotion and intrigue; some leave you wondering what happens next, others leave you in no doubt. There’s romance, adventure, battles, and always a hero. They are great stories to tell.

And our world needs to hear them. We can no longer assume the majority of people know any stories from the Bible. They don’t. And it’s through these stories they can discover the God of the Bible... read more

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Tuned in

“Has it ever occurred to you, that one hundred pianos, all tuned to the same fork, are automatically tuned to each other?”
A Tozer, The Pursuit of God

There is something amazing about finding yourself in tune with other people, especially when everything points to you having little in common.

In November 2016, I joined with hundreds of Christians in St Pierre’s Cathedral, Geneva. Known as John Calvin’s church, we were there as part of a 24/7 Prayer Gathering... read more

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