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Recently, I’ve noticed that some news website have a section entitled “Good News”. What a good idea – and such a contrast to all the bad news that usually fills our TV screens and online news sites. I wonder why we find it so difficult to focus on the good news? After all, most of us enjoy celebrations! Any excuse for a party, and all that.

One of the projects that I’m closely involved with, St Rollox Community Outreach, had a celebration the other week... read more

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Valuing Volunteers

Tea and Toast Havilah
While most often we concentrate on the people who use our services – many of them very vulnerable – the truth is that our volunteers are every bit as important to us. Volunteering needs to be seen as an entirely positive life choice; woe betide those groups and organisations that undervalue their volunteers!

‘Molly’ started volunteering at Havilah some five years ago. Her marriage (which has now broken down) was teetering on the brink back then. I felt the phrase ‘low on confidence’ was coined for people like Molly, as she was at that point in her life... read more

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The Winning Side

I’ve been on the losing side of the last two referendums. I’m married to someone who has the infuriating ability to be good at (nearly) everything, and win at most things we compete at. I support a football and rugby team who, no matter what a good team they are, seem to lack the ability, most of the time, to deliver the result. I know how it feels to be on the losing side. There are many people hurting in America just now because they were on the losing side of the presidential election... read more

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Hurrah for imperfection?!

As a keen observer of politics, I have been fascinated over these last few days, with all the news from the USA. Why did Trump win? Who voted for him? I have also been somewhat disturbed by the protests against his victory which, to me at least, seems to fly in the face of the democratic process and the will of the people. #NotMyPresident?

The election result in America comes at a time in our country when we remember the fallen of war... read more

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