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Embracing the Mystery

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I love a mystery! From a vintage Agatha Christie to the BBC’s eerie ‘The Missing’, I’m drawn in by the twists and turns, the shifting ground and the unexpected. It’s strange then, that I find the mysteries of real life, and the unforeseen, harder to deal with.

As a practical and fairly focused person, I set out with a plan which has been prayerfully hatched, and expect to see it fulfilled to my specifications. In our community project in Wellwood, in Dunfermline, I wanted to crack the puzzle that is church in the 21st century, and create a new form of church relevant to those three generations away from any religious influence... read more

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The Key to an Open Door

In our first Go For It blog contribution in April 2014, I wrote about finding peace in the Kirkyard, as the Kirk building was kept locked. This year brings hope that open doors will become a reality, brought about by greater awareness of their value.

Space for reflection

Parton Kirk offers a flexible space, as there are no pews. Earlier this year, an artist friend and I took advantage of this, by staging an art event (pictured below). Each piece of her abstract art was matched with a framed poem of mine... read more

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Change and Prayer

The Go For It blog is a vehicle for faithful change. This is exciting stuff. New ideas are springing up, and in this blog, we share stories that inspire and encourage others, nurturing faith within and beyond the church.

But some change is difficult to see. In this reflective season, with the activity of Advent still ahead of us, we have time to consider what quiet changes are happening, around and within us.

How does our changing life and mission work its way into our life of prayer?.. read more

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Repetition, repetition, repetition

In our village, we’re building new facilities: the Madoch Centre. When I attended a big social event last weekend, it was heartening to have so many folk from our community talking about what’s happening – excited about the new possibilities, and what it will mean for them and their families. Over the past 18 months, we have: held community meetings, visited community groups, displayed plans at fetes, talked to individuals, set up focus-groups, published articles, posted on Facebook, and organised fundraisers – all in order to engage with our community... read more

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Stay and Play: Fun together!

When do we just have fun? In busy and chaotic lives, do we ever stop to just have fun?

For children – having fun, getting messy, exploring – is all part of learning and growing. Play which develops self-expression, thought, curiosity, movement, problem solving and choice, is known to play a crucial factor in a child’s future development (Hughes, 2013). And this is exactly what you find at St Ninian’s Stay and Play Family Support Project.

Family life is one of the main building blocks of our society, and should be a place where each individual feels valued, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential... read more

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