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Intergenerational Mentoring

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Later this month, I will meet the sixth student I will mentor.

According to the dictionary, a mentor is a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. The first mentor was in Greek mythology, where Odysseus’s trusted counsellor, Athena, became the guardian and teacher of Telemarchus.

I’m a member of the Intergenerational Mentoring Programme, at Springburn Academy in Glasgow. At Springburn, any student in S5 who is studying for five Highers gets a mentor. We are matched based on our interests and academic background... read more

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We are all creative and can all be artists!

In my role as Creative Arts Worker for the Carnwadric WIN Project, I’ve been working over the past few weeks on conducting a consultation within the community, about the creative work of the WIN Project, and dreaming about what it could become.

The consultation is following the Appreciative Inquiry model, which involves looking at what is working well, why it is working well, and how we can use what is working well to shape the future life of the project... read more

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Going For It in Glasgow’s Priority Areas

Once a year in June, the Go For It Fund Committee takes to the road to visit local projects and learn first-hand about the transformative work undertaken by local churches in communities around the country. This year’s trip took us to three funded projects in Glasgow’s East End for an informal time of learning about their work and seeing it in action.

Just Like Us in Colston Milton use a Go For It Main Grant to empower people who are living with isolation, lack of confidence, addiction and mental health issues... read more

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(New) church communities?

“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain”
(Psalm 127:1)

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”
(Acts 2:42)

As we have received enquiries and applications for our Family Worker post, I am reminded that one of the criteria of Go For It funding is the establishment of ‘new church communities’. What will they look like? How will they be run? Who will join? What will they do?.. read more

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