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Challenges for measuring impact in a field rife with tragedies, fits and false starts OR: How I came to appreciate outcomes data

I still can’t think about Larry* without feeling anxious. Several months ago, he dropped off a suicide note at the drop-in centre associated with the homeless charity where I work.

Larry is British and an army veteran, so he should have had more options available than most of the homeless men and women who come to us for shelter, showers, food and support. After seven years of sleeping rough and months of conversations with caseworkers, he finally agreed to accept a place in a home that catered to formerly homeless men... read more

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A Year In Review

Writing contributions for the Go For It blog provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the work of our organisation, Utheo, and the range of different activities we deliver from the Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre. I’ve previously commented that our staff team and volunteers recognise that we can be too focused on the urgency of service delivery and meeting the demands of our daily activities, to fully appreciate the impact and changes these activities provide for individuals and groups in the community... read more

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Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees

The project I work on, Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees, was set up by the Church of Scotland last November, to provide some co-ordination for the response of local and national faith communities, to issues relating particularly to asylum and refugee protection.

Offering hospitality to strangers is a common requirement of many different faith traditions. All religions teach a form of the Golden Rule (treat others as you would wish to be treated) and that there is an inherent value and dignity to every human being – and that our common humanity transcends national, racial, cultural or linguistic barriers... read more

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“Debt isn’t about money … debt is about people”

Church of Scotland Photo Library stockPicture © John Young / YoungMedia 2010
“Debt is about people. And families, and feelings, and mental health and physical health. And debt counselling isn’t just about whittling down a sum on paper; it’s about holding someone’s hand without judgement, walking the journey with them, and telling them we’ll help them get there. It’s about self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, about one’s quality of life, and strengthening communities.”

These words, from one of our latest volunteers, sum up our understanding of what we do in the CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Highland Perthshire Debt Centre... read more

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Am I doing this alone?

Aberdeen Youth Workers at Deep Impact 2016
Working in ministry full-time, part-time or as a voluntary position, can all seem a bit daunting if you feel you’re alone. Whether that’s from lack of support, or the geographical nature of your position, there are times where you’re literally the only Worker in your area. At the Formartine Youth Project, we’ve been encouraged and supported by working together with a number of partnering agencies, who’ve backed and resourced our project over the past two years. I wanted to share some of those with you, as an encouragement of the variety of agencies available in Scotland... read more

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