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Faith, Flamingos and Lego Men

It has been the strangest nine months of my life.

I had an idea last August that life was going to get busy and manic, but I had no idea that during these months I would spend all my spare time planting plastic flamingos in front gardens, putting hundreds of Lego mini figures together, turning my hand at hosting numerous events, as well as being part of a team that has raised £65,000!

That’s a lot of money for a Boys’ Brigade Company in a wee town like Dunblane... read more

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A maze is where you lose yourself. A labyrinth is where you find yourself.

Langside labyrinth 1
Over the past few years at Finn’s Place, we have used the labyrinth as part of our wellbeing sessions and spiritual retreats. The labyrinth is an ancient pattern that is found in many cultures and religions around the world. The earliest known labyrinth dates from around 2500 – 2000 BC. The path is a series of circular loops and turns, which take the walker from the outer edge into the centre, and back out again.

The response from those who have walked the labyrinth has been overwhelmingly positive, with only a few people who have not found walking the labyrinth to be a helpful practice... read more

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Preparing for Peter’s Vision

Peters Vision BCS - 07
On Sunday 15 May 2016, our Brechin Crossroads Storytellers (BCS) Drama Group performed for the Pentecost Family Service at Brechin Cathedral. As this was the third annual Pentecost performance we’ve done since 2014, it was proving a challenge to come up with a fresh idea for the theme! So this year our minister, Rev Dr Roderick Grahame, came up with the idea of a performance based on the story of Peter’s Vision (Acts 10:9-16). This piece of Scripture is historically important from a Christian perspective, because it represents the first step of the expansion of Christianity from a small Jewish sect, to become a world-wide religion... read more

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The Bubble Burst

Until fairly recently, my entire full-time working career was with Christian organisations. And where I wasn’t working full-time, I was volunteering. I tell you this not because I am a hero. On the contrary! I tell you this because when I started working in the public sector in December 2014, it threw my life upside down.

I had spent years in a comfortable Christian bubble. It was ok to begin the day praying together. Or planning Team Times, based on God’s Word... read more

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