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Year of the Dad

portrait of a elementary boy with painted hands
“Any fool can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy …” Anon.

The above quote reminds me of a friend in Parish ministry, who often said to the young couple he was about to marry: “Weddings are great; weddings are fun; weddings are expensive; people cry and laugh at weddings; what you wear and where you stand are important … but in reality, weddings are easy. Making a positive, nurturing, lifelong commitment to each other in your married life, and possibly as loving parents of children, is much more difficult … and infinitely more rewarding”... read more

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Making Drumchapel the best Scottish place to grow up

3D Drumchapel
A recent report released by Glasgow Centre for Population Health, states the gap in life expectancy between the rich and poor is widening. Whilst most people are living longer, Drumchapel is one of four areas in Glasgow where the life expectancy of women has dropped further, in the last fifteen years. The life expectancy of a woman in Drumchapel is now 74 years. Over 10 years of a difference with women living along the road in Bearsden. The Herald reported on this issue, stating that a baby born today in Drumchapel will die 10 years before a baby born in Bearsden... read more

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Look forward in faith!

Brechin Cathedral Crossroads Storytellers
This very week, I celebrate the Silver Jubilee of my ordination to the ministry. Someone said to me recently: “You can’t be that old, you must have gone into ministry from Primary School!” If only! My boyish looks unfortunately hide my real age!!

So what changes have I observed in the Kirk these last twenty five years? For one, dog collars have become an increasing rarity. I used to think my “bishop” during my Probationary period wore his to bed, until I saw him one day in a collar and tie – shock, horror!.. read more

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