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What does it mean to be church?

Like many churches, we can count in single digits the number of young people that attend Sunday worship. Indeed, we need to be careful when counting this number on our hand, that we don’t accidentally give someone an offensive sign! So, it has been a delight that, through our Go For It Pilot Grant funded Outreach Development Programme, we have recently been able to start a wee monthly Youth Fellowship group! It’s a mix of “churched” and “unchurched” young people, who are open and interested in exploring the Christian faith... read more

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Learning by Doing

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The WIN Project has had a busy few months: collaborating with Urban Roots on our garden project, working with adults and children; groups and individuals; schools and nurseries.

A new venture for the Autumn has been a series of Community Film Nights. The aim of this has been to bring folk together in a relaxed and fun environment. With a modest charge for the plentiful popcorn and hotdogs, the evening events have been very popular, with an average attendance of 40 folk... read more

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Creativity and Young People

All people are creative. It is as natural for humans to be creative, as it is for them to breathe. For thousands of years we have shared stories, created music, drawn on everything we can (from cave walls to computer screens) and danced. And it is not only a wonderful way to share time together, but it is a way for us to communicate.

Young people can find communication difficult. Growing up is a time of much change – the move from primary to secondary school, relationships with both friends and family may have to adapt, and of course the body and mind go through a huge change!.. read more

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