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As a minister, one of the greatest privileges I have, is being able to spend time with couples in the run up to, and during, their wedding day. Conducting the ceremony which sees them enter into a lifelong partnership is truly an honour.

The notion of a partnership has its origins as far back in the Bible as it is possible to go – with the creation of the world. It’s little wonder that the story of how God made a partner for Adam to ensure that he was no longer lonely, is one of the most popular readings at weddings.

Yet partnerships come in more forms than marriage – each one of us will have any number of partnerships during our lifetime. From our parents and extended family, to friends and work colleagues and many others, there is usually someone by our side when we need them the most. Sometimes it’s the person we would expect and at other times, it’s the passing word of a stranger that sustains us and allows us to move forward. And, of course, when it seems that we are truly alone, we must remember that God always walks beside us.

Partnerships bring together people who otherwise may not have met, or who may not have discovered the talents they didn’t know they had.
Jim Teasdale,
Go For It Committee

As the 16th century writer and cleric, John Donne, put it so eloquently, ‘No man is an island/Entire of itself/Every man is a piece of the continent’.

Partnership working, of course, is a fundamental part of an application to the Go For It Fund. For it is partnerships that help a diverse range of projects across Scotland work well. Partnerships of volunteers coming together, to provide spaces and resources for their communities. Partnerships bring together people who otherwise may not have met, or who may not have discovered the talents they didn’t know they had.

As I’ve read previous posts on this blog, partnership is the theme which comes back to me again and again. Where would any of these projects be – or any of the people – if it were not for the numerous partnerships involved in their creation and maintenance?

In a modern society which is so often focused on the individual and the idea of ‘what’s in it for me?’, the work of Go For It provides a refreshing change, which helps to support and encourage individuals, groups and wider communities to reach their full potential, and make lifelong working partnerships.

Jim Teasdale

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Jim TeasdaleRev Jim Teasdale is minister at St Margaret’s Parish Church, Dalry in Ayrshire, and a member of the Church of Scotland’s Go For It Fund Committee.

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