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Unlocking Community Assets

Here at Loanhead Parish Church, we’re piloting a community project, using an asset based approach. This means that when we’re looking at the community, we have an emphasis of looking at the strengths, rather than the needs. This isn’t to say that we ignore the needs of our community, but rather we are trying to find solutions to those needs, from assets found within the community.

Traditionally, like many other churches, we’ve responded in the best way that we can to different needs that have arisen in our community... read more

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Measuring effectiveness

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“Don’t worry about being effective. Just concentrate on being faithful to the truth” – Dorothy Day (see Note 1).

The world of church and community development can seem as infected with the language of measuring effectiveness as the world of business is, or local government. For folk just wanting to be faithful Christians, a mindset which asks what outcome a project or a church plant is looking for, and also how to evaluate the success of the enterprise, can seem very foreign... read more

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“Partnership Working…”

As a minister, one of the greatest privileges I have, is being able to spend time with couples in the run up to, and during, their wedding day. Conducting the ceremony which sees them enter into a lifelong partnership is truly an honour.

The notion of a partnership has its origins as far back in the Bible as it is possible to go – with the creation of the world. It’s little wonder that the story of how God made a partner for Adam to ensure that he was no longer lonely, is one of the most popular readings at weddings... read more

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Changes All Around

It was a couple of Sundays ago that I saw the first pictures of Pope Francis visiting Cuba. What was surprising for me was not that he wasn’t the first Pope to have visited Cuba; what was surprising was that he then went on directly to visit America. Journeys are strange things; and the journey that Pope Francis made was a sign and symbol of the end of 54 years of tension between Cuba and the USA.

We, in Scotland, know a lot too about signs and symbols, one year after the Referendum... read more

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