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Fancy a Flock of Flamingos in your Garden?

2015-08-18 19.50.54

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks creeping around the front gardens of Dunblane in the dark, moving a flock of pink, plastic flamingos around – let me explain why.

I was sitting in Church in March, at a service to celebrate our partnership link with Likhubula in Malawi, when thoughts started going through my head. Most of these thoughts were promulgated by my wife Fiona, who is involved in the partnership, and who has visited Malawi twice. It didn’t take long for my thoughts to collide into the main question: “Why is our successful Boys’ Brigade company in Dunblane not more involved in the partnership link we have with Malawi”?.. read more

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Pilgrimage: a journey of transformation


“The journey is so much easier with good company”.

“Sometimes focusing on the path means you miss the view”.

“Talking with new people is interesting – it changes the way I express things compared to when I talk with people I know”.

These are just some of the comments from the 16 ‘pilgrims’ who walked from Kilchattan Bay to St Blane’s church on our recent one-day pilgrimage on the Isle of Bute.

A recent Life and Work article on a study called ‘A one way pilgrimage’, prompted someone to write in and decry the use of the term ‘pilgrimage’... read more

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Drama Holiday Club Success

Holiday Club Performance Aug 2015 - 08

The Brechin Cathedral Storytellers (BCS) Drama Holiday Club Finale Performance was held at Brechin Cathedral on Sunday 16 August 2015, during the Family Service.

The theme for the show centred around the story of St. Paul and his journeys. Ten children from the BCS Drama Holiday Club showed off their talents to the delight of an enthralled congregation. The children (18 in total) had already spent a fun-filled week at the Holiday Club in the Cathedral Hall, which included rehearsals for the show, cooking, crafts, drama, outdoor games, singing and story-telling... read more

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Sparks and Flames

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God loves and delights in us. He yearns to be a part of our everyday lives, decision and ventures. There’s nothing quite like hearing a great idea from God. And it’s even better if it’s confirmed by someone else. But after the initial spark – the excitement of something new and potentially life changing – how do we keep that fire burning?

How does the impassioned fire of a word from God and the excitement at being involved in something new, translate into commitment and perseverance once the hard graft begins?.. read more

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