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“Because You’re Worth It”

3D Fashion Show

“Nobody has ever told me that I am good at anything before”.

This was said after one of our Children and Family Workers commented to a Mum how good she was at a Zumba session.

How does it feel to have no-one who believes in you? To have no-one who tells you that you can? And worse than that, to have people tell you that you can’t?

And how does it feel then, if someone already feels worthless, when society repeatedly tells you the same thing?.. read more

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Should the Church be competitive?


In a recent radio interview during Wimbledon fortnight, Serena Williams stated that it was a childhood competitiveness between her and her sister, Venus, that started them off on tennis. In other words, competition was a good thing. And we are used to competitiveness in sport. We will see a great deal of it in the various sporting events this summer. Some of us are even looking forward to the early autumn and the Rugby World Cup! If it wasn’t for this competitive streak, that seems a natural aspect of the human condition, the excitement and enthusiasm of sport would be lost to us... read more

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Virtual or reality?

The Ayr Ark

Technology is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere and it will only advance. Fact.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending CEOP Ambassador training. If you don’t know what CEOP is, it stands for Child Exploitation Online Protection. Run by the National Crime Agency, they are an organisation endeavouring to inform young people about the dangers of being online, and advise how children and young people can safeguard themselves. It’s also getting the knowledge to parents about how they can safeguard their children... read more

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Summer Days

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My past blogs have generally been related to my work, perhaps highlighting some form of injustice. I hoped to provoke a bit of discussion. So with holiday time in view, I’m in an altogether lighter frame of mind; so please indulge my sense of frivolity.

Last Tuesday, I was over in St Andrews. It looked absolutely glorious in the Summer sun, at long last. I felt so thankful for the warmth on my skin. It was noticeable that people were walking more slowly, enjoying being out... read more

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