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Mind your language!

Ship sailing - Copy

Recently, I was invited by some friends to join them for a week’s sailing holiday aboard a 37ft yacht. Having seven of us on board ensured things were rather cosy, as we slipped the mooring at Inverkip and headed off aboard the Hebridean Flame 2. It was an amazing week, and due to an abundance of wind, we managed to call in to Port Rush in Northern Ireland as well as Jura, Arran and a cruise through the Crinan canal.

Our Skipper looked after us all admirably, but sometimes the sailing lingo he used was difficult to understand, especially for those on board who’d never experienced the maritime vernacular!.. read more

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We’re breaking out


Heart to Heart is on its way.

For ten years, Heart to Heart has been supporting those struggling with the negative impact of divorce and separation, and we’re starting to climb out of the District of Stirling.

We hope to be running support near you very soon, as we start to build relationships with like-minded organisations in Falkirk, Bo’ness, Dunfermline, Alloa, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Have you been through divorce and would like to help others in this difficult time? Or perhaps you are struggling right now and need a little support?.. read more

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“New Ways to the Future”

Map - resize

“Every journey starts with the first step”. Go For It funding of our research project has helped us to take that first step, and now we are reflecting on our discoveries, and the changes we have introduced.

The Science Community refers to the possibility of “other dimensions”, and as a rural congregation, our journey towards other dimensions of worship has brought forth a host of new ways of doing things. We recognise we cannot counteract the drift of younger folk and families away from the countryside... read more

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Doing it Jesus’ Way

Vision Statement

Since taking up the post of ‘youth worker’ with the Formartine Youth Project in Aberdeenshire last August, it’s been a real eye opener to see how different communities work in this area. Although geographically the partnering villages are close, each ticks and connects in a variety of ways. Some like the small private gathering, others enjoy more the public ‘We’re here!!!’ way of connecting up.

I say ‘youth worker’, as I’ve been really challenged to work in so many areas of our community... read more

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