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Getting Creative!

Child with models resize

The WIN project at Carnwadric Church, never stands still! For the Creative Arts part, there have been big changes in the last couple of months with Jo, and then Jules, going on maternity leave, and me just starting.

But whoever we are, creative work with children and families goes on. At present, or starting soon, we’re running a range of projects including:

  • Small group work with Primary 3 children
  • 7 Plus
  • Sensory-storytelling with parents and toddlers
  • Time Out parents’ group
  • An inter-generational project
  • Family Days
  • One-to-one activities

The new Primary 3 group is great fun; seven children have been recommended by the school as needing “something extra”... read more

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Passing the Baton


Two weeks ago, at Heart and Soul , the Climate Justice Baton was on display. The week before, it was at Castlemilk Parish Church. I went along to the church service, as it is close to my home. I was also present when Dr Aileen McLeod launched the baton relay at the Eco-Congregation Scotland Annual Gathering in Falkirk. Dr McLeod is the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform at Holyrood, and she gave one of the keynote speeches at the Gathering... read more

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Epic Fail

portrait of a elementary boy with painted hands
We all fail – sometimes quite spectacularly. I believe that the church is failing young people. Some recent statistics gathered by Youth for Christ show that across Britain, 86% of Christians come to faith before their 25th birthday. Despite this, a staggering 72% of churches do not have any young people at all. Two words: epic fail.

How do we deal with failure? Of course we don’t like to fail at all – success is something we all strive for. Achieving, improving and winning equal success, but accepting failure is an important part of any journey... read more

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‘Givin’ it Laldie’ in the Gorbals!

Givin' it Laldie singers at Gorbals Fair - permission to use publically

A strange, yet wonderful phenomenon has been building and growing in the Gorbals over the past few years. Some people have been smiling more. Some people have got to know their neighbours better. Some people are even humming as they walk along the road. And they say it’s spreading to other parts of Glasgow too. What is the cause of this I hear you ask? Singing. Singing together in a Community Choir. But let me tell you, this is no ordinary choir – this is the Gorbals Community Choir!.. read more

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Challenging rural poverty

Church of Scotland Photo Library stockPicture © John Young / YoungMedia 2010

Being in debt is hard enough, without people thinking that somehow it’s your own fault that this has happened. Here, in our Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre in Aberfeldy Parish Church, we know from experience that this isn’t true for the most part. Of the 10 to 12 debt clients we’ve dealt with over the past 15 months, most of them have been in work, some even in professional posts. We’ve been able to show Christian love in action in each case, as we’ve worked with clients to make a difference to their lives... read more

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