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“Taking Up…”

question_mark - writtenWhat have you given up for Lent?

This is a question I’m often asked.

Have you given up chocolate, or crisps?

Or Scotland’s national drink … Irn Bru?

Tradition dictates that, having consumed the last of our rich, fatty foods on Shrove Tuesday, we’re now in a period of self-discipline, which will lead us to the celebration of the Good News of Easter.

Yet, over the last four or five years, have you noticed that, as well as giving something up, many charities are also encouraging us to take something up, in order to help others?.. read more

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Pot Noodle anyone…?

Tucking in!

Over the last few weeks, along with another Leader in our Boys’ Brigade Company, I’ve been organising a series of meals with a dozen of our boys at a time. The idea comes from Christian Aid Collective and is called The Same Table. The format is simple: get the boys together for an evening to prepare, cook and share a three course meal, and discuss topics about faith and the modern world.

I must admit, we didn’t quite know what to expect at the start... read more

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What makes a project worthwhile?


“Have you had any increase in attendance on a Sunday morning”?

“Have you had any new members”?

These are the questions we’ve been asked several times over the past few months.

As more churches consider the prospect of doing something new in their community, they want to see what ideas have been used elsewhere and what the impact has been. And so we’ve had a few groups along to visit us, here at Finn’s Place.

I usually give them a tour around our building, a bit of a history of the church, and then share with them the process we went through in researching our area and how Finn’s Place came into being... read more

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All Change

When I received the new rota for taking part in these blogs, I scanned down for my name. When I found it, I also saw the words: “Former Senior Project Worker, Ayr Ark”. It made me start a little.

But it’s true.

I have moved on from a project I fell in love with over a decade ago. Relocated, in fact, to the other side of the country. It’s been all change for the Baird family.

In my opinion (and this is only my opinion) God loves change... read more

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