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Holy Things in our Hands

Centres resizeFrom time to time, everyone needs to sit down and imagine.

We need a chance to ask the bigger questions.

So in November, we held a Nitekirk Visioning Day. We invited volunteers, clergy members from our partner congregations and interested friends together, for an afternoon chat. Our hope was to set down some hopes and goals that would take us into the future. Nitekirk has been a staffed project for the past two years, and we’ve come to the stage when we want to think more broadly about what this emerging church project might become... read more

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question_mark - black backgroundWhat does ‘Epiphany’ mean to you?

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the meaning of this event, and learning more about it, through a variety of media.

“The Simpsons’ Movie” (2007) was screened on television between Christmas and New Year. In a part of the story, Homer is separated from his family in the wilds of Alaska (they had had to flee from Springfield). Homer is rescued from a polar bear by an Inuit wise woman, who shelters him in her home... read more

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Could a Go For It Main Grant be just the ticket?

Go For ItIt’s January, and it’s hard to get started and find the energy levels you need to go forward.

If it’s hard to raise your game, why not start by refocusing on the “end user”, if you’ll forgive the use of such an inelegant phrase. For some churches and projects, it may be that you want to make working with children and young people a particular target, for others it might be that you are turning the spotlight on working with older people in your community... read more

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