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The Hope We Have


Uncared for.

Yes; that’s how he felt.

He sat there at the doors of The Ark with tears in his eyes; pouring his heart out about everything that had gone on that day, that week, and just unloading all these bottled up feelings and disappointments that he’d faced over the past few weeks. He was so frustrated with life. A colleague and I talked to him, encouraged him, and prayed with him. After we stopped praying, a little smile appeared on his face. ‘So what was that?’ he asked.

It’s moments like this that I thank God for. When Christ’s light shines through us, and the name of Jesus is lifted up. It’s a privilege to bring hope to those in hopelessness.

It’s a privilege to bring hope to those in hopelessness. Deborah Msipha, Ayr Ark

For a period of my Christian walk, I must admit, I found it hard to speak about Jesus. When I committed my life to Jesus at 18 years old, I was passionate about how He had turned my life around, how he was working everything together for my good, and I couldn’t help but speak about him at every opportunity. Old friends I bumped into in the supermarket, young people I spoke to, people at church; I spoke about Him to anyone and everyone.

Then I met those who challenged my beliefs, and ‘the doubters’. I lost the ‘friends’ who walked away because I wasn’t the person I was before; this new person talked about Jesus too much. I felt discouraged. I allowed my zeal to fade and supressed my desire to speak about Jesus. I began to think it was acceptable to show His love to others, but never mention Him.

Geek Night resizeRomans chapter 12 verse 11 says: ‘Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord’. Brothers and sisters, it is easy to let the darkness of this world cloud our way of thinking, resulting in our words and actions being stifled. If we don’t lift up the name of Jesus, then who will know? Who will hear?

Let us never take for granted the privilege to share Jesus with others. Let us never deprive others, like the young boy mentioned above, of hearing about the hope we have, and the loving God we serve.

Deborah Msipha
Youth Project Worker, Ayr Ark

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DancingAyr Ark receives Go For It funding to provide an alcohol-free Youth nightclub; engaging with young people on the streets and through weekend events, and working in partnership with local schools.

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