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The Hope We Have


Uncared for.

Yes; that’s how he felt.

He sat there at the doors of The Ark with tears in his eyes; pouring his heart out about everything that had gone on that day, that week, and just unloading all these bottled up feelings and disappointments that he’d faced over the past few weeks. He was so frustrated with life. A colleague and I talked to him, encouraged him, and prayed with him. After we stopped praying, a little smile appeared on his face... read more

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Why Do We Do This?

Volunteer GroupLast week, my colleague Mary asked me a blunt question:

“Why do we do this”?

Mary is the Coordinator for our befriending service. We had been discussing how our jobs can present us with to-do-lists that seem as long as Mr Tickle’s arms!

My immediate answer was simple. The need, to continue to do what we do, is apparent every day, when we see the people and groups who come to our Neighbourhood Centre for the various activities and services. As someone whose job entails filling in Grant applications and monitoring and evaluation forms, the benefits and outcomes of the activities we report on, provides something tangible that shows we are making a difference... read more

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Monochrome or multi-coloured? A call to embrace creativity

Ali BirkettLiving in the rural Scottish Borders, I guess the seasons hold particular significance for us. Autumn has been kind this year; farmers have successfully established Winter crops, and it’s been amazing to witness the myriad of beautiful colours on trees and in the hedgerows. One thing is for sure; our God is a colourful, creative genius!

Take a simple tree; from the blossom and buds of spring, through the full foliage of Summer, via a multi-coloured Autumn, into the dark, shadowy forms of Winter... read more

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