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Michael Mair resizeIf you were to be given a superpower, what would you choose? Growing up watching movies about superheroes, I always knew what I would pick: the ability to fly!

Whenever I step foot on an aircraft, I’m always amazed by the science of flight; that something as heavy as an aeroplane, all of the passengers, and all of our luggage, can take off from the ground, and keep itself suspended in the air, before being carefully controlled to land, exactly where it’s needed.

The ability to jump into the air and travel at incredible speeds before landing in a single bound, without so much as a single hair being thrown out of place by the speed of travel (or even by the atmospheric elements) would certainly solve many of the problems of my diary, as I try to cut across the city in a few minutes to make it on time to my next meeting.

Very easily, the Gospel, this amazing, life changing, phenomenal news, becomes commonplace; just another part of the puzzle of our lives. Michael Mair, Go For It Committee

But if Spiderman, who came as close to flying as I’m likely to come, taught us anything, it was this: with great power, comes great responsibility. The ability to fly shouldn’t just be put down as a convenience.

In turn, that got me thinking: How many things do I take for granted? Where are the places that I accept the power, but not the responsibility? What’s amazing in life, that has just become convenient?

Well… lots. It’s so easy to be distracted by how busy life is, or by meeting deadlines, or even by events and situations that dominate our weeks and diaries. Too often and too easily, I find that the space in my diary set aside for devotions, or to think creatively about mission and sharing the Good News we’ve been entrusted with, is the very first casualty of a busy week.

dandylionI don’t think I’m the only person to have experienced this. Very easily, the Gospel, this amazing, life changing, phenomenal news, becomes commonplace; just another part of the puzzle of our lives.

But what would it mean to be more intentional about the way we live out our faith? What would it look like if we recognised the conveniences in our lives?

I think it would only do good things for us and our faith. I think we would find ourselves challenged more, inspired more, engaged more and ready to take flight in our lives of faith.

As a new Committee member of the Go For It Fund, I’m really excited about the prospect of seeing people and projects who are already flying in faith, even if they don’t realise it yet. To see what they’re doing is sure to inspire, encourage, and help to make sure I don’t stay in a place of convenience, but am ready to fly myself.

Michael Mair

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GoForIt Small GraphicRev Michael Mair is minister at Edinburgh: St David’s Broomhouse and a Co-opted Committee member of the Church of Scotland’s Go For It Fund.

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