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In church, no one can hear you scream

depression on the  job“I thought I was alone”.

“I couldn’t talk to my Christian friends”.

“My family doesn’t want to hear that I am unhappy”.

“I’ve forgotten who I am”.

These are just some of the things we hear at Heart to Heart.

Heart to Heart supports those not coping well with divorce, separation or family breakdown.

“Once the decision is made, people expect you to just pull your socks up and get on with life … well, I can, but this little bit of support has made all the difference”... read more

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A Dr Who Model of Church

WP_20141117_002Any kid will tell you that what makes ‘Dr Who’ special, is the fact that he has two hearts.

It occurs to me, that that isn’t a bad model for the church today:

Christ at the heart of the church …
… and the church at the heart of the community.

Nice idea you might think … but does she come from another planet?! In 2014 in Scotland, the church, far from being a vital organ pumping life blood through society, is seen by many as terminally ill, marginalised and irrelevant... read more

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Light Connections

question_mark - black backgroundI overheard a conversation recently.

“Are scientists always atheists?”, somebody mused.

“No, of course not, although there is a notion that if you can’t reduce God to an equation, He doesn’t exist”.

Listening to this, I smiled, thinking of an 19th century physicist whose faith had convinced him God was not an equation, and that humans were not alone at the top of the tree.

A man of genius

LightJames Clerk Maxwell produced mathematical equations showing that electricity, magnetism and light were linked together... read more

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Ready to fly!

Michael Mair resizeIf you were to be given a superpower, what would you choose? Growing up watching movies about superheroes, I always knew what I would pick: the ability to fly!

Whenever I step foot on an aircraft, I’m always amazed by the science of flight; that something as heavy as an aeroplane, all of the passengers, and all of our luggage, can take off from the ground, and keep itself suspended in the air, before being carefully controlled to land, exactly where it’s needed... read more

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