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What’s important, and what matters?

Angus MathiesonIt was the end of the Summer.

I’d forgotten that friends were about to visit. That meant a frantic dash around the house, to make sure it wasn’t too untidy, and that it looked okay.

While I was tidying up, there was a programme on TV, and one of the characters was trying to offer words of wisdom to one of the other actors, to cheer him up. The words she used, as she was trying to persuade him that he shouldn’t be too worried about what other people think, were:

“Those who matter, won’t mind …
… and those who mind, don’t matter”.

The things which are really important: building community and deepening relationships. Angus Mathieson, Ministries Council

While at first sight, these words might sound good, the reality is, if we follow them through to their natural conclusion, we would go through life without ever considering what other folk might think. If we go down that road, it’s a recipe for selfishness and introversion, shutting ourselves away from others, and not really concentrating on the things which are really important: building community and deepening relationships.

Back to tidying up ahead of the friends coming to visit!

question_mark - writtenIt was a bit of added pressure which I could have done without, but I was really glad to be able to offer hospitality, and welcome friends into the house. And we enjoyed our time together. If the house had been untidy, they probably wouldn’t have minded, but their company was appreciated and that depth of relationship was what was important.

It was good for me to stop, and think about what mattered, and about what was important. In many ways, a lot of the Go For It projects are about reflecting on what’s important; about building relationships.

What’s important, and what is it that matters, in your life?

Angus Mathieson

About the Author

GoForIt Small GraphicRev Angus Mathieson is Partnership Development Secretary in the Church of Scotland’s Ministries Council.
He is also an ex-officio Committee member of the Church of Scotland’s Go For It Fund.

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